An Opinion & GIVEAWAY: St. Grape Skincare

We all know that one of the best things about this time of year is having a nice, hot and relaxing bath - which whilst trying out these products, is exactly what I've been doing! 

St. Grape are a company who offer 100% natural and organic skincare products. Because the products contain natural ingredients, it makes them perfect for people who have sensitive skin. St. Grape also say their products are suitable for people who suffer from skin conditions such as Eczema and Psoriasis.

Firstly I'd like to address the fact that I managed to photograph the wrong side of the bottle which is why it's not in English, sorry! These bath salts came with a little drawstring bag and a leaflet letting you know exactly how you could use them, which for me was great as I had never used bath salts before.

The salts appealed to me as soon as I saw them, yes - it's because they're pink. When I opened the bottle I was greeted by an amazing menthol-type smell. If you aren't fond of this kind of scent I definitely don't recommend these, but thankfully I love it. I usually opt for skincare items with this scent because I find it so refreshing. My preferred way of using the bath salts was for "full body bathing". I added three cups (handfuls as I'm too lazy to measure properly) while the hot water was running and let them dissolve.

I'm a big fan of oils, I love the way they leave my skin feeling! I'm very loyal to my Bio Oil and wasn't sure this would match up to my expectations. As with any kind of body oil, it's going to leave you feeling a little slippery after using it. However, this oil actually sunk into my skin quicker than my Bio Oil does which was a huge surprise! The scent to me is just like a traditional spa product, not at all mentholly like the bath salts. I will definitely still be using my Bio Oil on a day-to-day basis, but will treat myself to this Massage Oil once a week as the formula is richer and would be a treat for my skin.

This is St. Grapes best seller, and I can understand why! When I first tried this I was puzzled, it doesn't look like a scrub at all.. the grains are so fine that they create a mixture between a marshmallow/mousse type texture - it's bizarre! The exfoliation is very gentle, but enough to remove dead skin and leave you soft and glowing. It would be perfect for use before self-tanning. If you would like to try this product for yourself, read below for details on how to enter the giveaway!

 Ancient Foot Scrub (500g) - £25
The scrub itself appears as though it's going to be dry and rough on your feet, thankfully it isn't at all. I think it's more of a "mum product", but I would definitely use this occasionally. It doesn't leave any residue and as this tub is absolutely huge, it will definitely last a while.

St. Grape were kind enough to offer my subscribers/followers the chance to get their hands on their best seller - the Aqua Bliss Bath Scrub! There are 10 tubs up for grabs and entering the giveaway couldn't be simpler!

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  1. kerry-is-magic@hotmail.co.uk :) Thank you so much for doing this giveaway! The products look great!

  2. I've never heard of this brand before, but the products look / sound lovely and really luxurious! I've just entered the giveaway! :)
    Bethan x x