Autumn Wishlist

Vagabond Grace Platform Chelsea Boots - £80
As I'm sure you all know, a LOT of people are going crazy over these shoes right now. Black, thick, chunky heeled boots are in at the moment and we all want a pair. I highly doubt I will purchase these anytime soon as they are pretty pricey. However, I am defeinitely on the look out for a cheaper alternative so if any of you have seen anything even remotely similar, please let me know!

Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm - £21
I've seen so many different types of cleansing balms being raved about lately, but none of them have really appealed to me. One of the main things I love about this one is that it contains only a handful of ingredients, so for all you sensitive-skinned people out there, this ones for you! I also think that for a high end brand, the price of this product seems more than reasonable as I've seen cleansing balms go up to as much as £70.

Yankee Candles Salted Caramel Jar Candle - £19.49
As far as I'm concerned, as soon as those leaves start to turn it's officially candle season! I like to invest in a different scent every year and this year the Salted Caramel fragrance is the one I'm after. As for scents I usually go for I enjoy vanilla, coconut and other sweet/food-like scents. Another one of my favorites from Yankee Candles is their Vanilla Cupcake scent. Oh god.

Bourjois Colour Boost Lipstick in Peach On The Beach - £7.99
Bourjois have been coming out with a lot of great products recently and I happen to have my eyes on quite a few of them, this little beauty included! I am a huge lipstick-wearer. However, in the winter this can sometimes mean dry and flaky red lips, which is not a great look. So a lipstick that claims to be hydrating is exactly what I'm after this Autumn.

Mac Lipstick in Rebel - £15
Vamp is in. Again. I love a dark lip this time of year and have actually been meaning to get my hands on this shade since last Autumn! When you're going for a dark shade, staying power is a big deal as you don't want it smearing all over your face or have to re-apply every hour. The reason I've gone for this one is because I trust MAC for its long lasting shades.

White/Cream Blazer from H&M - £24.99
I've been on the hunt for a perfect blazer for MONTHS now! Studying fashion has definitely caused me to look harder at an item of clothing before buying it. I'm very particular about the style, fit and material of the blazer that I'm after. I have actually been into H&M on several occasions and this style hasn't been in store (boo). I would order online but from my past experiences I don't rate H&M for their delivery service.

Zara Fragrance in Zara Black - £7.99
I was shopping in the Zara store in Cambridge a couple of weeks ago and for some reason I started to smell the little bottles of perfumes they had out, which I never usually do. I had a sniff of one called Zara Black and instantly fell in love. I had actually budgeted myself that day as I had already been into other stores such as MAC, John Lewis and H&M so I had to ask myself "do I really need this?". Yes. I did. I just didn't know it at the time. I bought a jumper and pair of leggings/riding pants from there instead and am still kicking myself for leaving without it. The great price is just a bonus to the amazing scent.

Fashion Union Black PVC Skirt - £18
I saw somebody wearing something similar to this and could not get over how amazing it looked. I am desperate to own and style a black PVC skirt. I was so surprised at the price of this as I expected it to be around the £30-£40 mark. I had never come across Fashion Union until looking for this item but they have some absolutely incredible pieces on their site, you should definitely click here and take a look.

NARS A/W 2013 Eye & Cheek Palette - £32
All it took was one glance at this palette and I knew I needed it. It would be perfect for travelling during the holidays. Just throw this palette, your go-to foundation, mascara and a couple of lipsticks in your makeup bag and you're pretty much good to go!

Topshop STAR Ankle Strap Platforms - £55
I've already mentioned that platforms are in, but so is monochrome. There tend to be a lot of events and parties during the upcoming months and these shoes are just to die for.

NARS Artisan Brush - £28.50
This is basically what seems to be the ideal contouring brush. I'm not too keen on the price as I have heard some people say the bristles are slightly "scratchy". I'm not sure if I should sit around and wait for a company to make a cheaper, maybe even softer version of this or just go for it and treat myself?

I hope you enjoyed this post, I would love for you to let me know some items you're lusting after at the moment!
Dillon Alexandra xo

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  1. I have that Bourjois lip crayon and MAC Rebel and I highly recommend both! :) & I really want a pair of boots like that too, not that I need them at all, but they always look amazing on people! Bethan x